Placa activare/ incarcare pentru iPhone / Android

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Sunshine SS-915-Phone Battery Fast Change Activation Tool

Multi-model support

For Huawei/OPPO/VIVO/MI/Meizu/Samsung/LeTV/Lenovo/ZTE

For IP 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max


1. Current and voltage dual LED display

With real-time display of voltage and current, the voltage of the battery is displayed when the battery is inserted. When the power supply is plugged in, the voltage on the power supply is displayed and the current is the load current.

2. Intelligent battery protection

One-key battery activation/voltage detection/short circuit protection/upgrade high-current smart fast charging IC.

3. Activate the battery

Activate the battery that has been dormant so that the battery can be used normally again.

4. Safe fast charging

Charge the battery; the current can be adjusted between 1-2A, which can achieve safe and fast charging.

5. Overcurrent protection

When the current is greater than 2A (approximately 2.1A), this fixture can automatically start the protection function, safe, without damaging the battery.

6. Short circuit detection

Battery short-circuit detection; this fixture can detect whether the battery is short-circuited and judge the quality of the battery.




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