Screen Light Sensor /Vibration Restore Read/Write Programmer

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iPhone 7 7Plus 8 8 Plus X Xs XR Xs Max LCD Screen Light Sensor and Vibration Repair Restore Data Read Write Backup Programmer, the photosensitive data can be readed & writed on for iPhone 7 7Plus 8 8 Plus X Xs XR Xs Max LCD screen , which can backup to the computer, even if the LCD screen is lost, as long as you have the data, it can also be used after replacing the screen in the future.

Can backup more that 200pcs eeprom files

Support online/offline operation, with display screen, easy and quick operation.

Full touch screen, touch operation, Chinese and English switching, the best quality LCD screen photosensitive, vibrate programmer.

Photosensitive repair for iPhone 8 8 Plus X Xs XR Xs Max

Vibration repair for iPhone 7 7Plus 8 8Plus X XR

Small size, it is convenient to carry out on-site maintenance, easy to work and durable.

Package include:

1 x Photosensitive programmer

1 x Expand board

1 x USB Cable.

Greutate 1 kg


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