Voltage Injection tool /Short circuit finder-service gsm,tableta,diverse

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Short Killer este o sursa de alimentare DC puternică pentru detectarea defecțiunilor în scurtcircuit pe placa de circuit, poate ajuta tehnicianul să identifice defectele cu precizie și rapiditate.


Input: AC 110V~230V, 50/60Hz, 5A

Power Voltage: 0-5.5V.

Max Ampere: 0-30A .


Note: TS-30A maximum current support to 30A


Short killer is good for detecting all kinds of short circuit

It can detect short circuits in seconds .

It can be use to decect shortcircuit on any cellphone and laptop PCB,etc



Overheating protection

Overcurrent protection

Overvoltage protection

Sound prompt

Automatic recovery

Safe and efficient

Positive and negative-polarity recognition


The pen probe tip is special, please pay attention to safety. This pen can also be used on the multimeter.


WARNING: This box a large current output Long-term short-circuit test is strictly prohibited .

Greutate 1 kg


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